​​​Thank you for your heart to volunteer at BiG Cardio 2024. Serving is so much fun, especially if you're with family or friends, so feel free to invite others! 

Community service hours are available, too! (you'll need permission from your parents if you're under 18.)

Here's a few important things about volunteering with us:

  • Click the button to sign up. The form and waiver must be completed to volunteer.
  • You must sign up in advance because a background check is required, and that's the best chance of getting your first choice of time and area to work.
  • Each volunteer must sign up individually, including spouse and children. (age 13+)
  • We appreciate you more than you can imagine!
  • ​Got questions? Email operationsmanager@bigcf.org and we'll get you the answers you need!​​

If you would like to still help, 

please call us @ (954) 933-3129



Registration is now closed!

16th ANNIVERSARY - MARCH 2, 2024